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Black bear cub

Black bear cub

From New Jersey’s Star-Ledger newspaper, dateline September 8, 1983–“The population of black bears living in New Jersey is now estimated at 100.”  This was a quote in an article titled “Wildlife biologist ‘tags along’ with Jersey bears.” The article was about Pat McConnell, a Senior Wildlife Biologist for the state at that time, and it described her work of tagging and monitoring the state’s black bears.

Fast forward 28 years to 2011–officials estimated the black bear population to be about 3300 in just the northwestern part of the state where the bears are most prevalent. Bears have been sighted in all 21 counties of the state. Keep in mind that New Jersey has the densest human population of the 50 states.

Today, biologists with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) continue McConnell’s work, using tools and knowledge that weren’t available in 1983. They also do an excellent job in educating the public on how to co-exist with the bears.


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